Current Stuff

Now with style! (Can you tell?)

Traceroute from this server; type "self" as the host to trace to see a traceroute to the address that connected to the server (either your browser or your proxy).


Same old pictures of the cats, which haven't been updated in ages.

Andrew Kimpton's pictures from APRICOT 1997 in Hong Kong; see me wire up a GIGAswitch/FDDI and hold up my favorite RJ45 crimp tool.

Link Farm

Visit my LinkedIn page.

Visit the Midpeninsula Community Media Center.

Check out Fluent Baby.

Ancient History

Try out a CGI implementation of John Conway's Game of Life.

Get the RoamAbout wireless networking drivers and roaming daemon that I wrote ages ago; if you're still using this (on BSD/OS) and not 802.11 on some modern platform, seek help immediately.

Important Safety Tip

Semper ubi sub ubi.

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