Wireless Networking

Practical Aspects of Wireless Networking

Practical Aspects of Wireless Networking, the presentation I made at the June 1997 NANOG in Tampa.

RoamAbout for BSDI 3.1


driver.tar.gz - sources for the wl network interface and wlconfig utility.

This release was updated on December 5, 1998; the only change is to incorporate Steve Bellovin's patches to allow the encryption key to be set (thanks, Steve!).


roamd.tar.gz - binary and man pages for the roaming daemon.

This release was updated up to and including December 5, 1998, and has been tested on RoamAbout DS 915 MHz PC cards, version 1.x and 2.0, and RoamAbout DS 2.4 GHz PC cards. Changes include command-line switches to have roamd run only until a new access point is configured, plus some miscellaneous bug fixes.

The roamd binary was built on a Pentium box put together by Telenet, running 3.1. There's a static binary in the tar file that might work on 2.1.

Send me mail if you have any questions or problems.

Stephen Stuart